Basset Hounds: Five Rivendell puppies

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As they say: "The proof is in the pudding".

Basset Hound: "Macho"With our kennel, the proof is in our dogs. We are very proud of the quality basset hounds that we have owned, shown, and especially bred. We felt that the best way to honor these hounds is to give each of them their own page. You will note that each dog's pedigree is inter-lined so you can see from where they came. This project took many, many hours to complete; we hope that you will enjoy the following pages as much as we do.

Basset Hound: Ch. Rivendell's Pink Cadilac "Peaches"We have divided the following index by the dogs we currently showing and/or are in permanent residence. The majority of our listings are for dogs from our past and those retirees who are residing with families of their own. Finally, we honor our three foundation dogs separately. If it wasn't for them and the immense influence and tutelage by Cathy Spencer, of JerCat Basset Hounds, we would never have enjoyed the successful years that have followed.


Dogs In Residents

Dogs currently living with us.




Spotlighting Extended Family

Dogs bred or co-owned by us who are living elsewhere.


Basset Houng: JerCat's Rivedell My-T-Fine CDX, "Cori Beth"


Retirees & Dogs from our Past


Basset Hounds: Rivendell puppies at play


Our Foundation



Basset Hounds: Rivendell Hounds playing in the exercise yard.
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