Ch. Rivendell's Priceless

"Amanda Sue"

August 5, 1999
Black Brown & White
Oakrydge Rivndel Sheer Magic
Basset Hound: Ch. Rivendell's Priceless, "Amanda Sue"

Amanda Sue was of our brightest stars. Her image has become our logo for our kennel and this website. Not only sound in structure and temperament, she gets extra credit points for just being “cute”. To emphasis this; although her call name is officially Amanda Sue, she is widely know to friends in our area by her alternate name, “Wiggles”.

Once she grew up enough to stand still long enough for a judge to she her, she quickly gained the majority of her points. She would often go Best of Breed from the classes over specials while accomplishing this. She finished her Championship by going Best of Winners for a 5-point major at the Basset Hound Club of America's Western Regional July, 2002.

Although she had a full year of obedience training, I made a pact with her that if she finished at the Regionals, she would never see the inside of a ring (either conformation or obedience) for the rest of her life. As she kept her side of the bargain, I am obligated (at least for now) to do the same.


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