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Breed Information

Originally from France, the ''bas-set" ("low-set") was developed as a hunting hound that could be followed on foot. By the 1700's Basset Hounds were used extensively throughout France, differing somewhat in appearance from province to province. It is believed that at about this time, George Washington received a pair of Bassets as a gift, and in the 1800's Bassets were exported to England and then to the United States.

Many people think of the Basset as a small dog...they are not. A "small" Basset might weigh 35 lbs., an average one 50 Lbs., and there are even "large" Bassets weighing in at 65-70 Lbs. They are prone to obesity, particularly after age 4 or 5. Feed only a high quality food and watch those treats!

Bassets have easygoing temperament, making both males and females excellent pets. They are strong willed and intelligent, using these traits to their advantage. They are willing dogs as long as what you wish of them is what they intended to do in the first place. Otherwise, you may begin to think your dog has a hearing problem. Patience, lots of praise, tenderness and perseverance (plus a cookie) work wonders. Train your basset based on the premise that you are smarter than your dog. Most important, don't forget to PRAISE YOUR DOG when he pleases you!...We're all so good at telling our kids and dogs when they're wrong, but forget to praise them when they're right.
Basset Hounds love to be loved, and need to be part of a family. They do not need a huge yard or high fence, but their hunting instinct can get them into serious trouble unless they are confined to home or a fenced yard. They firmly believe that they have the right-of-way in any kind of traffic dispute.
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