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Before we get to the good stuff - aka cute puppy pictures, I wanted to lay down a few ground rules.

First: Let me state up front that I am not a crazed hysterical woman (although my husband will disagree, especially around puppy whelping time).

Second: Although there will often be dogs or puppies featured on this page, please know that the sale of puppies and dogs is not the focus of our website or our kennel. It has long been said that if you play this dog-game right, you lose money. Well, we are obviously doing things very, very right.

If you are interested in a puppy or dog featured on this page, please contact me. I do not start to take deposits for the pet puppies until after I know that my female is pregnant. All pet quality puppies must be spayed or neutered. I do not place my puppies until they are at least nine weeks old, that way they can have their first two series of shots, multiple wormings, and a good dose of socialization and puppy etiquette provided by mom and litter mates. Requirements for owners of any of my dogs are that you must have a securely fenced yard, no access to pond or swimming pool, and the dog must be able to sleep in the house and be part of the family.



Sorry, we currently do not have any puppies available. Please check back later this year as we do have a litter planned.



These are adult dogs who have finished their show and breeding career.

Sorry, we currently do not have any retirees available at this time. Please check back in the future as someone may be available.


Adult Show/Breeding Stock
On rare occasions, we have something available in this category. It only happens when we have kept littermates and then realize that we can't do both justice. We do not have anything available at this time.
Sorry, we currently do not have any show adults available. Please check back in the future as someone may be available.

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