Basset Hounds: Five Rivendell puppies

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Basset Hounds following a scent
ocated in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Mountain Range are 32 acres of fir trees and basset hounds. We have dedicated close to thirty years to raising, training, showing, and loving this wonderful breed.

Basset Hound: Ch. Sanlyn's Classic Sportster, "Harley"
lthough not a large kennel in quantity, or number of litters whelped each year, we have concentrated on producing quality dogs that conform with the AKC approved breed standard who are intelligent, sociable, and loving. Our record speaks for itself as we have owned or produced over 50 Champions and/or Performance Events title holders. Many of them can be viewed on this site.

Basset Hounds: Rivendell Hounds plying in the exercise yard.
lease explore our web site and discover more about our kennel, our dogs, and the breed itself. Watch our website grow to eventually contain useful training articles and a basset owner quiz to see if you could be owned by one of these wonderful characters. If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail.



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